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This website is a tribute to Singer, Songwriter Steve Perry and his amazing career with Journey and as a solo artist.

Some photos provided by and Joe Dolan *Photos used by permission*

January 18, 2014 - Guitar Center, Drum Off; Los Angeles, CA





Steve Perry & Steve Feronne on the red carpet

Steve Perry & Steve Feronne


"A drummer friend of mine, Steve Ferrone, was going to be inducted into the Guitar Center Walk of Fame, and he had told me that Hamish Stuart {one of my favorite lead voices of all time who was in The Average White Band} was going to fly here from Scotland and that I should come down to rehearsal and meet him. Well I was not going to miss that. Then he said that Questlove was not only going to be playing drums too, he was going to do the induction. Holy S*#T I thought……… So I went to rehearsals and in the middle of a run though Steve stopped the band cause he was not happy with the Background vocals of "Person To Person."
I knew what part they were missing but kept my mouth shut……….
Well…….. At least for a bit.
Then after they ran though all the tunes……. Questlove showed up and in the middle of the next run through of "Person To Person," I had a musical Tourettes moment and jumped up to a mike and sang the part I felt was missing.
They all turned around and said…... AHHHH HAAHH!!
At the end of the song Steve Ferrone said in his heavy English accent, "Dats Zit, Your In Dha Band, You've passed the au-di-tion."
Then they gave me 2 more tunes to sing BGz and play cowbell on.
Walking out on that stage was a great thrill ……. I loved it so very much……
There was soooo much feel and pocket between Steve and Questlove and the band.
Just about as much feel and pocket that one Portagee boy could ever feel at one time……. SOOOOO GOOD." - Steve Perry


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