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This website is a tribute to Singer, Songwriter Steve Perry and his amazing career with Journey and as a solo artist.


BOHEME: FOLLOW THE FREEDOM (2012) Cassidy Catanzaro Sings background vocals on "Follow the Freedom"





David Pack

THE SECRET OF MOVING ON (2005) David Pack Sings background vocals on "Brand New Start"






Jeff Goloub

SOUL SESSIONS (2003) Jeff Goloub Sings background vocals on "Can't Let You Go"





Tommy Tokioka

ISLAND ROOTS (2000) Tommy Tokioka Sings background vocals on "I Wish You Were Mine" and "Angel Above Me"






RAINE (1999) Raine "Lost Angels






FIRST BIG PICNIC (1999) Laidlaw Sings background vocals on "Send My Baby Home"




Forrest McDonald

I NEED YOU (1998, World Talent Records) Forrest McDonald Sings lead vocals on "It's Over"





Kenny Loggins

YESTERDAY, TODAY, TOMORROW: THE GREATEST HITS (1997, Columbia Records) Kenny Loggins Includes the song "Don't Fight It" from High Adventure





Jonathan Cain

BODY LANGUAGE (1997, Higher Octave Music) Jonathan Cain Co-wrote "I'll Always Remember"





Jason Becker

 PERSPECTIVE (1996, unknown) Jason Becker Background vocals on "Primal"





PAST TO PRESENT (1989, RCA Records) Clannad Vocals






SIRIUS (1988, RCA Records) Clannad Harmony vocals on "White Fool"





Crosby Stills & Nash & Young

AMERICAN DREAM (1988, Atlantic) Crosby Stills & Nash & Young Vocals for "Soldiers of Peace"





Sheena Easton

NO SOUND BUT A HEART (1987, EMI Records) Sheena Easton Back-up vocals on "Still In Love"





We Are The World

WE ARE THE WORLD (1985, Polygram Records) U.S.A. For Africa Vocals "If Only For The Moment, Girl"





Barnes & BarnesBarnes & Barnes

AMAZING ADULT FANTASY (1984, Rhino) Barnes & Barnes Includes "Do You Want to Go To The Moon" and "Don't Be A Singer"






PERSPECTIVE (1984, EMI-Capitol Records) America Background vocals and cowrote "Can't Fall Asleep To A Lullabye"





Schon & Hammer

HERE TO STAY (1983, Columbia Records) Schon & Hammer Co-wrote the songs "Self Defence" and "Covered By Midnight" with background vocals on "Self Defense"





Kenny Loggins

HIGH ADVENTURE (1982, Columbia Records) Kenny Loggins Harmony vocals and co-wrote "Don't Fight It"





Johnny Van ZantJohnny Van Zant

ROUND TWO (1981, Polydor) Johnny Van Zant Background vocals





Tim Bogert

PROGRESSIONS (1981, Accord) Tim Bogert Co-wrote the song "Fast Life"






PIPEDREAM (1979, ABC Records) Pipedream Cowrote "Only Cause" and "Dance On Baby"





Sammy HagarSammy Hagar

DANGER ZONE (1979, Capitol) Sammy Hagar Background vocals for "Love Or Money," "The Iceman," "Heartbeat," and "Run For Your Life"


Forrest McDonald