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Steve Perry Answers YOUR Questions!


February 3, 2005


Thanks so much for all your questions and well wishes during our short question session. We received almost 1,500 emails!


One question that continued to repeat was if I was returning to Journey this summer.


I made that my first answer so you won't be misled. I tried to get to as many questions as I could.


I'd like to thank Fan Asylum and Lora for all their help.


Over the last few years, I've heard there's been much said about me. As you know, I have not responded to any of it. I can't stop anyone from saying whatever, but......

Please know this....

I miss you all very much and no matter what, I will always love you. You forever changed my life and made my family proud of me.


Thank you for your love and support.



Steve Perry



Is there any truth to the new rumor that you and the band are getting back together this summer when Journey is on the road ?

SP: No, there is NO truth to that rumor. As of May 8, 1998, I'm no longer legally a member of Journey. The band may be jamming this summer with "X" members, but I will not be one of them. 


Is it true you are working with and/or producing acts in Nashville TN?

SP: No, that's just a rumor.


Congratulations on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star! I'm glad you went to the ceremony. Your singing is the only reason I started listening to Journey. Do you have any upcoming projects?

SP: The only thing I've worked on lately is a David Pack solo CD. David and I wrote a song called, "A Brand New Start" where I sang backgrounds with David, and Timothy Schmidt from the Eagles. I also sang some answer lead vocals in the "title turn around" and in "the bridge." I think his CD is slated for release around May of this year. I'm finally out of all my old contracts which I signed in 1978 and I'm diggin' not being signed to anything or anybody. Freedom is a good thing but lately I am getting a little sprung to do something. I'm just not sure what!


Would you ever consider doing a Christmas album? Every year as I listen to Christmas music, I'm thinking how wonderful it would be to hear them sung by you.

SP: I think about that every Christmas, too. Have not done that as of yet.


For the past 23 years, your music has been a companion to me. It has been a source of encouragement and inspiration and very often expressed my heart or spirit during tough or jubilant times. I want to thank you for the music and the giving of yourself to us (the fans) and to the business.

SP: Thank you for all your years of loving the music!!


Do you have any plans to release any concert footage on DVD from your Strange Medicine tour?

SP: There really isn't any. I wanted it to be a fun, no pressure thing. Filming can put expectations on the shows that can take away from my real reason for doing it.


Do you have any future plans to be involved again in the film industry in any capacity - as writer, performer or producer?

SP: I really loved my involvement with the film Monster. Working with Patty Jenkins and Charlize Theron on the dubbing of "Don't Stop Believin'" was a real thrill. Patty was very focused on her film being as soulful as possible. Charlize won an Oscar for best actress. Patty's focus rocks! If something else comes up, who knows.


Do you have a favorite beach in San Diego ?

SP : If I tell you where my favorite beach is you'll know where I live. Sorry I can't tell ya. BUT- I will say, I love those horse races.


What music do you enjoy listening to? I heard you were a fan of Outkast and was wondering if that is true.

SP: Yes, last year when I first heard Outkast I knew that this was going to go all the way. I now like to listen to Keane, Diana Krall, The Postal Service, Florida Inc. and some re-mixers like Thunder Puss 2000 and some new downloadable groups. 


Have you ever considered teaching? Whenever I speak to children involved in music programs in school, one of the names that always comes up is yours.

SP: Thanks for telling me that. If I could help kids reach and find something in themselves that they never thought they had, that would be a very cool thing. Who knows, right?


Would you ever consider releasing the Against The Wall tracks collectively? 

SP: Sony is a strange machine. In England, the record labels always re-evaluate their past and do re-release singles from older CD's. Here? Never.


I read today on-line that the actor/singer Patrick Wilson (Phantom of the Opera) regards you as a favorite singer. What great taste and a wonderful compliment, as he also has a beautiful voice. I have always loved music and great voices and in my opinion you have one of the best rock & roll voices of all time. My only regret is that after all my years in So. Calif (born and 40 years living there) I never saw you live in concert. I was married by the late 70s and just wasn't doing the concert thing as much. Now I live outside the D.C. area and of course could not make the Walk of Fame event. Congratulations to you and the band.

SP: I owe Patrick Wilson money for saying such nice things. Sorry you couldn't be at the WOF event..........Thanks for your kind words, too.


Have you ever thought of writing your autobiography?

SP: No, not really but I have been approached. 


My question, silly as it may be, is do you sing in your car? Around the house? In the shower?

SP: ALL of the above. Especially in my car. Doesn't everybody?


Do you have any pets?

SP: I've had many pets through my life. When I was a young boy I had a Cocker named "Lady" then through the years I've had 3 Beagles. "Peggy," "Donna," and "Lenda," and later 3 cat's named "Tashka" and "Tonja" and then later again "Kitty." I do love all pets but right now, I have none.


Do you have a favorite painter?

SP: I'm a lover of all the arts and I love going to galleries, but I'm not that knowledgeable about the artists themselves.


You are truly missed by the fans! One can only hope you get the "bug" again to write & record again! My question, besides the many obvious questions would be, do you think any previous wounds were healed at all for you or the others being together again in Hollywood on Friday Jan.21?

SP: I don't know about our wounds being healed. When bands break up, it's a real personal relationship break. Everyone knows how rough that can be. I was very glad I decided to go though, because for one day, for 90 minutes, we were all together again being recognized for our playing, our music and our moment in time when "we were good together"! The fans energy was something I had not felt in a long time. I get high just thinking about it!


The DVD for Houston was postponed, any chance of that or one of just you being produced this year?

SP: Last year's Houston DVD project was postponed because the new Journey and myself both agreed that Sony's proposal wasn't appropriate at that time.


Do you watch American Idol? Has Randy ever asked you to be a guest host?

SP: No, I don't watch it, and he hasn't asked me to be a host, but he left me a message after the WOF Hollywood Star thing. Thanks for bringing him up cause I owe him a call.


Have you ever considered remastering/ releasing the Alien Project demo? Hearing your pre-Journey work would be such a welcome treat!!

SP: Might be a good idea. Thanks.


What do you think about all the websites devoted to you in cyberspace? Do you have any plans to launch your own website?

SP: I own but I've yet to fly it. For now Fan Asylum has been so gracious in letting me use their site for my official statements. If you ever talk to me in a chat room or hear anything on any other sites just know this, I DO NOT go in chat rooms so it's not me, and for now, Fan Asylum has the only REAL Steve Perry statements to believe in!!!!!!!!


I have always wondered about the eighth note necklace you've always worn. If the story behind it is too personal, I understand but I would really love to know what it is.

SP: First of all, thanks for respecting my privacy regarding my gold eighth note and chain. I'll tell ya - When I was 12 years old my Mom bought it for me because she believed in me and my music. She told me to wear it for good luck. Now that she's gone, it's even more precious to me so I only wear it on special occasions. Oh and yes - I did wear it during the WOF event.


I recently attended the Sam Cooke reunion this January and much of the discussions about Sam's voice turn into discussions about yours. Many of his family members and Sam's fans really believe that you and only you have the voice of power and influence as the man who invented soul once had. Do you have any plans to share new music with your many fans?

SP: After such a beautiful statement as yours, I feel that I should be doing something. Thanks.


Do you have children? Getty images incorrectly reported that Patty Jenkins is your daughter.

SP: Children? I'd have no personal life if I talk about my personal life. Patty Jenkins?.... is not my daughter. She's my sister. No...just kidding ...she's my attorney.....NO, NO just kidding again..........she's my midnight rendezvous...YUM!!.....No - she's a good friend that is very talented and, yes...... thanks for pointing it out........... she is much younger than I.


What is your favorite color? Are you married?

SP: This is my favorite question so far!! Cobalt blue is my fave color and NO I'm not married!!


So many of us have hopes and dreams that we never see realized. Was there one definitive moment when you realized that you had finally Made It, that Dream was fulfilled, and if so, can you tell us what that was like for you?

SP: There were many moments on stage that told me the dream wasn't just fulfilled, but was really happening night after night, on that stage in front of all of you. Mom told me when I was 4 years old to think of what it would feel like to live my dream. I saw cobalt colored lights mixed with red and a bright spotlight shining at me from across a large room. And then....There I was years later, really doing what I dreamed of doing. Total magic?. it was total magic!!


I'm fifteen and wanted to tell you how much I love and appreciate your music. I wanted to ask if there is any live/concert footage from the Infinity-Captured days, and if so, is there a possibility of it being released.

SP: You're 15 and you love the music? That's so very cool. Thanks for loving it.

We should know more about live footage in a DVD very soon. {love your parents}................bye..........SP


Congratulations on your star at the "Walk of Fame.? I think it was the happiest and most important day for you but also for every Journey and Steve Perry fan to see you there healthy and sooooo happy during the celebration there. What a joy it was to see you among the true fans. So many hearts went out to you full of thankfulness and respect for you and your work. With your exceptional voice you have given your fans from all over the world the "sound of their lives" forever. Thank you very much!!! ... a fan from Germany.

SP: Thank you so very much. ps - I love Oktoberfest!!


You have traveled all over the world and I would like to know if you have a favorite place (outside of the U.S.)?

SP: I always had a great time touring in Japan and Europe.


Have you ever thought of creating a purely blues based CD? (I'm speaking of the really old time Blues). Your voice would be magic in that type of genre.

SP: Sam Cooke, Robert Plant, Marvin Gaye, Janis Joplin, Diana Washington, Kitty Lester and so many great singers I love, were all about the blues. I love it. 


Do you have any desire to do some small venues again? Your concert in San Francisco on the Strange Medicine tour was a blast!

SP: Thanks......the Warfield Theater was a lot of fun. I do like smaller venues because it's so intimate. My solo band was a great group of players and good guys. We had fun on that tour.


Thank you so much for attending the WOF ceremony on Jan 21st. You look good, Steve. Very healthy.... and as attractive as ever! I was in tears as I saw you embrace Neal then Ross. Now that you have felt the energy of the fans, do you feel you might make more public appearances...and hopefully perform somewhere? If not for yourself, how about for a charity.

SP: Regarding charity shows.....I do my own personal charity work by donation. I'd rather do it that way.


Steve Augeri has stated several times that you were his inspiration. In fact, he dedicated Journey's EP Red13 to you. What are your thoughts on Steve Augeri? Have you two spoken? And lastly, have you seen him perform with Journey lately and what were your thoughts about the band's performance?

SP: I only met him once and that was at the Hollywood WOF presentation. I've never seen the New Journey perform. With all due respect, my memories of Journey and its music are locked in our time together. I think I'll stay with that.


Is there a certain song from years past that when you hear it today you feel that same feeling as when you first heard it? If yes, what song was it?

SP: Nice question. There are many tunes that come to mind, that I hear the same way I did the first time I heard them. That's the timeless quality of music. If you love it, it's yours. To pick one at this moment,.....I'd have to say "All Along The Watch Tower" by Jimi Hendrix.


From all your years touring with Journey, did you happen to save any special personal items? Your white tux? T-shirt collection? Other items?

SP: Yes - I have all my tux tailed coats, some old t-shirts....but NO black spandex pants. I had to let them go. 


I just want to tell you that your voice and your music have been very special to me in my life. My sisters and I saw you and the band lots of times in the 80's here in the Bay Area at the Oakland Coliseum and SF. Every time I went to one of your concerts it was like a magical feeling and I would be on a natural high for days after. I still listen to your CD's and would love to see and hear you perform again.

SP: Thanks and I, too, loved playing Oakland Coliseum and all the Days On The Green. It was fun for me. Thanks again.


What is your most cherished memory of all the years you spent in Journey?

SP: When {manager} Herbie Herbert called my phone machine and asked me to fly out to Denver, Col. to meet and hang with the band. Later that night, Neal and I wrote "Patiently."


Just wanted to know, as I'm sure alot of us do.....are you happy these days, do you have a significant other, is there marriage in your future???

SP: I am presently single. I have no marriage plans and right now I'm pretty happy just living the life I've been given.


I say the song "Melody" isn't about a girl but is about the music that lives inside of you (you being You, Steve). My friends say it is about a girl. What do you say?

SP: It's really about my relationship with musical melody. I've always been in love with a beautiful "Melody." Of course it could be a girl's name but the original idea for the song was about the "melody of music."


What do you miss the most and the least about touring?

SP: I miss performing for the fans, but the daily traveling and hotel living I do not miss.


I am 43 and have listened to Journey music for 25 years. This music holds a very special place in my heart as this music was played during the best times of my life and during the most precious memories from my life! During my 20's and 30's and when everyone in my family was healthy and happy! Sometimes I just close my eyes and meditate and think back to those times just to reminisce and I hear your voice in the background singing "Faithfully" or "Open Arms!" What a wonderful day January 21, 2005 was! It was so wonderful for you to be in Hollywood at the JOURNEY STAR!

SP: Sometimes I, too meditate on what it was like standing on stage in front of 70,000 fans. It's impossible to get that same hit sitting in my house.  I'm glad I went to the star event, too. Thanks for your years of love and  support.


Beside all great Journey songs and your solo material there is a song that I also enjoy very much. It is " White Fool" by Clannad. My question is: How it came to the co-operation between you and the Irish group? (I really like it that you sing in Gaelic).

SP: I knew their producer and he asked me to come down to the studio and meet the group. While I was there, I got an idea and the next thing I knew, I was recording.


Where did you get the idea to wear tuxedo tails on stage? They always looked so nice on you and it really became your trademark--so I was just curious what gave you the inspiration to start wearing them.

SP: I was watching an old black and white film years ago and saw Fred Astaire wearing black tails. I thought they'd look so cool with jeans and a t-shirt. SO- I had some custom ones made that you can't buy. My tux tails are much longer and the colors of the lining are bright and fun. Something happens to me when I wear them. I can't explain it but, it feels GOOD!!!


When you go places, do you like being noticed and knowing that so many people love you?

SP: Yes - I do get stopped from time to time. The fans are always great. It's a beautiful thing to have been in the music biz.


Were you born with that voice, Steve, or did you develop it over time? I've never heard a voice so captivating.

SP: It's an evolving thing. My voice can be my best friend and then, there are times, when it's a pain in the butt. Just like all things.


I would like to know if you have any regrets about your music career? I never realized what a singer has to give up in order to perform. You really have to love music to be able to deal with all the stuff that comes with being famous.

SP: Well.......... you have no idea what happens to your life on the way to finding your dream. All in all though, I wouldn't trade one moment for anything!! What a great ride it's been!!


Is there any hope of ever hearing the songs you wrote with Nuno Bettencourt on the Internet or otherwise? I've been waiting 14 years to hear them ever since reading about them in guitar magazine so long ago. I hear the song "Always" is a buried treasure. Please un-earth this jewel and share the goods!

SP: I've thought about. Nuno is not only an incredible player, he's a great friend. "Always" is a beautiful song.


Congrats on the Walk of Fame Star! It was overdue and well deserved! I'm so glad you attended on the 21st despite some of the negative stuff surrounding the break-up. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm so glad you were able to go back and check out the star on your birthday. I'm sure it was a special moment for you to be able to share it with your departed family. I'll bet your mother and grandfather are very proud of you and all that you have accomplished. I'll bet there was a loving warmth from them all around you (more than usual).

SP: Thanks.....On my birthday I watched people walk by and stop and take pix. I feel that, through my eyes, ALL my relatives were watching, too!


I read in one of your many interviews that you visited the Azores Islands when you were a kid. And I wonder if you ever visited any other place in Portugal?

SP: I've driven up the north coast of Portugal. After the 1986 Raised on Radio tour, I really relaxed for the very first time and fell asleep on a beautiful beach. I don't remember how long I was out...Portugal is nice.


Will you please let your hair grow? You look beautiful!

SP: This was a very popular question. I go back and forth with the hair thing. Sometimes I love it really butch short and then...........I just get tired of haircuts.


Does your appearance at the Hollywood WOF ceremony have anything to do with what may come in the future? You've got the rumor mill stirring.

SP: This question was also asked many times. Well the rumor is that, since I showed up for the Hollywood Star event, I may be getting back together with Journey. Let me make this as clear as possible. There's NO truth to this rumor!!! It's only a rumor!!!


What is the promise that continues?

SP: I made a promise to my Mom. And yes...."The promise continues!!"


Have you found happiness, peace, and fulfillment for yourself? After all that you have given to me, whether you know it or not, I wish that for you more than anything else.

SP: Your words are so very kind. Thank you and yes, for the most part, I'm loving my life.


I arrived early, very early, Friday morning for the ceremony for the Star on the Walk of Fame. All my heart wanted so badly was to see you there. I'm so happy you came; I know you did it for us. You were the only person that day that turned the podium mike around and addressed the fans. Everyone else talked to the media...not to the fans. You are a true, true gentleman.

SP: I didn't go for the media. I'm in this career because of all of you!! I'm very glad I went. Thanks.


Did you keep a journal on the road?

SP: No I didn't. That could be dangerous! I plead the 5th Amendment.


I was wondering if you could share some of your songwriting experiences. Do you usually have lyrics or melody or rhythm first? Do you prefer to write with a partner?

SP: All of they above works. Sometimes it's me in my car singing into a mini cassette player. The "When You Love A Woman" chorus was written that way as was the "Who's Cryin' Now" chorus.


What was the most demanding song, vocally, that you've sung in concert?

SP: "Mother Father," but I loved it, so I didn't care! 


Do you like to dance? Do you go out dancing?

SP: Today's moves are much more than I'm capable of. I don't dance in public but in my house? ....ALWAYS!!


We all know you love Sam Cooke as a vocalist but I want to know if there are any present day female vocalists that just blow you away?

SP: I love Sarah McLachlan's voice and her writing very much. She's really something special. I also love Diana Krall, Joni Mitchell and many old R&B girls like Diana Washington, Aretha Franklin, and others.


What was your favorite meal that your mom made for you when you were growing up?

SP: On my birthday she would make me a banana spice cake with real whipped cream frosting and bananas sliced inside!! YUMMM!! YUMMM!! 


What are your favorite foods and are you still a vegetarian?

SP: I was but I fell off and now I eat chicken and fish. Once in awhile, a little pig. Bacon that is. Now that I see this in print, I guess I'm not a veg.


Was ''When I Think Of You'' for your mom? This song is my favorite of all of your many epic ballads.

SP: Yes - it's about a dream I had. It was Christmas and the band was back together for the Trial by Fire CD to come. During the holiday I got a wave of depression over not having Mom around. It lasted for weeks. One day I was so depressed I took an afternoon nap. I had this dream that Mom was working in this really cool gift shop with cobalt colored crystal and when I walked into the shop, Mom was standing in the distance with her back to me. She slowly turned around and smiled at me. In my dream I started to cry because she looked so good, not as I last remembered her. Then I saw her fearless comforting eyes and I could feel she was happy. That made me cry even more and then I woke up.


I called a friend of mine and said, I feel better now. He asked me what happened? I told him, "I hope you don't think I'm losing it but, I saw Mom today and she's doing great, Mom's got a gift shop, and she was so happy to see me." I explained the dream to him. Somewhere in my heart, I still feel Mom has a gift shop and she's doing great! After that, all I have to do is think of her and she's right here. 


There will never be another like you; no matter how hard they try, you are irreplaceable. You have touched millions, I being one of many since your Journey days up until your last solo album, and I'm only 28! So thank you so much for gracing the world with your voice. You can't imagine the lives and people you have touched. It reaches beyond words.


SP: I'll take your words with me. Thank You.