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This website is a tribute to Singer, Songwriter Steve Perry and his amazing career with Journey and as a solo artist.

Nancy Peveler Strickland Original Drawings

Drawing by Nancy

Drawing by Nancy

January 22, 2016

As we gather to celebrate his birthday tomorrow, I wanted to share my own gift to him. Many people portray Steve Perry as an adult, a rock star, an amazing voice. He is all this and more. But he started long before his adult years, showing the world that this kid with a mouth full of braces and shaggy 60's hair, would someday be one of the greatest singers of all time. His sweet face and smile has remained with him always. Ray and Mary did good, don't you think? Happy Birthday, Mr. Perry! I hope you never lose the "kid" in you and that you enjoy your day to the fullest!

Original Drawing By Nancy Peveler Strickland